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The only thing that gets in the way of your Divine Magic is your mind...

Yet at the same time, you can not vilify your mind and access your full powers of lucid creation either.

You must honor your mind and dance sensually with it, to lure it to its inherent limitlessness.

You must be willing to lavishly MindFuck yourself with ideas & concepts that shake your assumptions about the nature of reality to the core.

This can be terrifying OR it can produce euphoric exhilaration when you know how to do it properly.

The latter is what I specialize in.



at 6pm PST

for an hour long Soiree devoted purely to the pleasure of MindFuckery & the activation of your Divine Magic.

Wear your finest black attire, for this is the death of your human limitations & the initiation of your wHoly Human Consciousness. 

Truly an event worth celebrating. 

Your ticket price includes VIP After-Party access, hosted on Voxer, where for one whole week, we'll expand upon the juicy energy activated at the Soiree. 

EARLY BIRD: $100 Until Feb 7


(limited tickets available) 

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