Designing a life you love is about honoring & prioritizing your heart’s desires and trusting in your Self above all else.

When you do this you set up your life in a way that ensures your ultimate success, activates your highest potentials, and increases the overall quality of your human experience.

That to me is true wealth...
(not to mention the fact that it's pure magic)

Unfortunately, for the most part, this is not something we’re generally encouraged or even taught how to do in our modern-day world and so it’s something we must intentionally seek out and learn... or more accurately, remember.

I say 'remember' because you contain within you, and at the ready, a unique, one-of-a-kind blueprint that is the bedrock of your personal greatness and the roadmap to your most authentic, most fulfilling life.

I think Joseph Campbell says it best here:

"When you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you. Follow your bliss and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.”

If you ask me, to continuously honor your heart's desires and follow your bliss in all areas of your life is one of the most courageous moves you can make, because to do so is to journey a road less traveled.

What worked for other people, will not work for you… not sustainably anyways, and so you must be willing to trust yourself enough to pioneer your own way. No one else has the answers you require.

When the others try to show you “the way”, what they’re really giving you is their own personal blueprint… and sure it worked for them, but chances are slim that it’s going to activate your highest potential or call forth a quality life experience.

You contain within you, a unique blueprint to your most phenomenal life, business, body, & relationships… it is interwoven with what you love the most and this pathway will feel more effortless to maintain than anything else because it is inherent unto you.

You are an individuated expression of the divine, and thusly, the life you design and the way you create it will be completely unique.

You did not come into this life to create like the others. You came to create like you.

As long as you insist on copying the plans, maps, and strategies of them, you will be sacrificing a life you truly love and you will be operating from a very low level of creation - I call this, "creating like a human".

If instead, you’d learn how to trust your own innate wisdom above all else, fully honor your heart’s desires, and focus in accordance with those two priorities… you would call upon your genius (your magic) and you would create in a high-level way, like the unlimited god you are.

This, and only this, will ever satisfy you sustainably.

Isn’t it about time you began to trust in what you know? Isn’t it about time you started believing in your way? Isn’t it about time you design a life you truly love, raise the quality of your life, and create your unique version of happily ever after?

This is what I help my clients do... 
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Chandra Nicole  

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Actualize sustainable financial freedom; create overflowing resources and an abundance of time, designed around your heart's desires & ideal lifestyle

I'm Ready to Design a Life I Love


Attract nourishing soulmate relationships; be joyful in lasting love; create deep meaningful unions founded in sovereignty, mutual respect & authenticity

I'm Ready to Design a Life I Love


Access boundless energy, feel lively in mind, body & spirit, age in reverse, draw on innate wisdom to craft your dream body in ways that are completely unique to you

I'm Ready to Design a Life I Love

Some signs that you're not honoring your true hearts desires, following your bliss & living a life you love: 

  • Spending time, energy, attention, or money in areas that don’t serve your highest truth & hearts desires 
  • Disconnected from the joy in any area of your life 
  • Losing momentum or spinning your wheels 
  • Consumed by, or being influenced by external factors 
  • Inability to respond powerfully to intuitive guidance
  • Wavering or oscillating commitment 
  • Inconsistent and/or disappointing results
  • Unfulfilled by your life, business, and/or relationships 
  • Easily thrown around or swayed by your emotions 
  • Unbalanced life - ie: relationships are great but your business feels unaligned, or money is great but your health is failing, etc
  • Not knowing how to best use your time, persistent overwhelm, and/or confusion
  • Sense of Purposelessness, and/or feelings of lackluster
  • Attracting the wrong people, relationships, business partners, customers, etc. 
  • Unreliable and unaligned strategies
  • Plateaued at your current level of achievement
  • Over-working & underachieving or over-working & dissatisfied 
  • Lack of implementation, inspiration, and/or motivation 
  • Inability to follow through or stay consistent 
  • Passion projects get shelved 
  • Doubt, uncertainty, lack of clarity, lack of connection to your vision and desires 

Through our work together you will: 

  • Cut out all the external noise, streamline all aspects of your lifebiz & get in full integrity with your true heart’s desires 
  • Identify all energetic leaks and reallocate your energy towards powerful, focused, high-level creation 
  • Tune into and gain unshakeable trust in your intuition, and use it to guide all your choices 
  • Activate clarity of vision & set up the infrastructures to support its inevitable and miraculous fruition 
  • Take daily right guided action specific to you & create strong anchor points that keep you aligned to what you love 
  • Attract the right people, opportunities & resources with ease, grace & magic 
  • Gain unshakeable confidence and become the leader of your energy, focus, and emotions 
  • Have crystal clear clarity on exactly what to do and when to do it in order to create the income, health, relationships, and lifestyle you love
  • Live a magical & blessed life full of results that are fully in alignment with your heart's desires 

This is for you if: 

  • You have the desire to activate your creative genius and tune into your own unique blueprint 
  • You're ready to take radical responsibility for your actions & choices and claim full ownership of your life, business, body, and health 
  • You can keep your commitments & show up fully for this work
  • You're willing to follow through on intuitive guidance, even when scary
  • You value clear and concise communication 
  • You're willing to devote yourself to designing a life you love, no matter what 

Some side effects of working with me ;) 

  • Holding yourself in high esteem
  • Appointing yourself as worthy
  • Valuing yourself deeply
  • Shamelessly owning your power 
  • Deep trust in yourself 
  • Honoring your truth above all else 
  • Approving of yourself unconditionally 
  • Expressing yourself freely
  • Allowing yourself to have tons of easy money 
  • Openly honoring your desires 
  • Moving through life & biz intuitively 
  • Knowing what you want & holding a clear vision for life, health, love & biz
  • Knowing who you are, through and through 
  • Standing unwaveringly in your truth 
  • Living your life boldly & unapologetically 
  • Creating your life, business, relationships, and body the magical way 
  • Having miracles be normal
  • Embodying ultimate sovereignty & true wealth
  • Designing & bringing to fruition a life you truly love
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Hi, I'm Chandra Nicole... 

I truly believe it's never too late to live happily ever after.

I'm here to help you honor your heart's desires, activate your divine magic, design a life you love & bring it to fruition.

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