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Shapeshifter Day 51 - the commander

Dec 02, 2019
Over the course of the last fifty days, since I started my public-facing Shapeshifter project, I've developed an intention to get my daily piece of writing, of 1000k words, complete and posted by noon.
It's 11:36 am and I've been doing everything this morning BUT write - including drink fuck tons of coffee, some scrolly polly of the socials, a complete overhaul of my Spotify playlist situation, and more time than I'd like to admit simply staring blankly at my computer. lol
I haven't even done my personal journaling for the day, which is usually the very first thing I do in the morning.
I'm sharing this not in judgment of myself, but with the liberating awareness that writing isn't something I think I have to do... but something I have set the intention to do because I've discovered that it's an extremely important outlet for my self-expression, for my self-awareness, for deeper understanding of my message, and ultimately, for my fulfillment.
I choose to write because I possess a strong impulse and desire to be a writer...
and the truth is that a writer writes.
When I don't submit fully to the self and the art that wants to born through me, I'm honestly quite miserable. To resist what's summoning me is like fighting a hurricane.
When life calls you to something, and you don't go, you're in resistance to your very own expansion; an expansion that has the momentum and the force of the entire universe.
There's literally nothing more life-draining than fighting that force.
And so, I show up to write, even if by the hair of my chinny chin chin, because it's in integrity with not only who I'm being called to be, but who I've decided to be.
I show up to write, not because I have to do it in order to "get something" but because it feels so good to be in alignment with the highest current expression of me.
I show up to write even when I don't feel inspired to, even when I have no fucking idea what I'm going to say (like today)... because I've learned that inspiration is not something I can just sit around and wait to be struck by - although once I get in the vicinity of it, that can often happen.
Inspiration is a choice.
When I sit down to write with the firm command that "now is the time".. then the words come.
You are the master of your universe.
Your world, both inner & outer, are responding to your command.
If you sit around waiting to be graced by the hands of god with what you are wanting, inspiration included, you'll be sitting around waiting for yourself forever because you ARE the supreme decider, commander in chief.
This is not about what you do, but about what you choose and how you show up in energy, focus and attention in honor of that choice. It's all an energy thing. The actions are just for the feel-goods.
The reason I've developed the intention to have my first piece of daily writing done by noon is because I've noticed that I can sit staring blankly at my screen for hours (all day long, even) and it isn't until I command that my writing gets done, that the words come.
... Other days, I wake up with words raging like river rapids...
Such is the diversity of the human experience, all days are different. However, I'm simply not available for not creating the art that is so important to me.
... and so the "noon thing" is not a rigid dictatorship from which to judge and punish myself, but rather an accountability structure I've implemented to help me cross the threshold of choice that I sometimes find myself teetering on the edge of.
Not only that but, for me personally, I love knowing that the main piece of art I wanted to create for the day is done early, and then whatever else that wants to flow forth from me, just happens.
It's like, turning on the inspiration faucet, in my world, and one of the things I love most is the feeling of being inspired.
But here's the real point, and what this is *really* all about:
Each time I show up to write, I create another memory of myself as an epic inspired wordsmith and the identity of "writer" gets more thoroughly etched into my psyche.
It's really easy to say I want something for myself and for my life, but it's another thing entirely to embody it moment-by-moment and actualize it.
As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "your personality is simply a collection of memories and your personal reality is a reflection of your personality."
So if you want to experience a new evolution of your reality, then you better find a way to start creating some new memories that help you form your new personality.
I'm not saying that my process should be yours.
Not at all.
What I am saying though, is that it's so crucial to establish structures of accountability when you're desiring to shapeshift into the next version of you.
It's important to understand that your old identity is very much at the subconscious wheel of your human vehicle and to reprogram it takes a consistent and conscious choice to override that old self's tendencies.
Eventually, commanding that next version of you won't be necessary anymore because it’ll just be “who you are”; your new auto-pilot programming … but by that time, you'll be exploring the next level expansion of yourself and implementing structures to assure your next-level set of commands.
Remember... accountability is not about dictatorship. It's about designing your life in a way that lovingly nudges you off the fence into the choice you've decided you really want to make; it’s to increase the probability of the successful embodiment of the new you… and, if you ask me, that's just a really smart play.
Your life will always be calling you to more.
That's not a bad thing, it's simply evolution. The more you can get comfortable with the on-going change of it all, the more easily and joyfully you'll actualize the ever-expanding iterations of your most phenomenal self and life.
If the time has come to step boldly into that next self and you're ready to implement some powerful accountability structures to make your choice and success more probable, PM me... I'm currently enrolling a few select rising stars into my Shapeshifter Private Mentoring container.