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Shapeshifter Day 50 - enlightenment + endarkenment

Dec 01, 2019
The way I see it, there are two simple components to a truly fulfilling life experience, both of which are dynamic in their nuances and complex in their mastery.
But Chandra, that's paradoxical.
I know.
Welcome to the immortals' dream of mortality.
All truths are true, of which you are all of it.
You are a walking, talking, breathing contradiction...
you might as well get used to it.
and if you're resisting that paradox,
you're denying your fullest expression.
Which brings me back to the two 'simple' mastery components required for your most *full*filling life experience...
you are a god, and you are a human.
you are nothing you see, and you are everything you see.
you are the divine dreamer, and you are the dreamt.
you are the dark womb of creation, and you are the world of light.
perhaps you can see the two components revealing themselves here?
I used to call them,
Enlightenment +
but, honestly, I think both of those words are referring to the same thing; identification with the dream world of light.
... which is only one half of the story of your full divine expression.
The other half of the story is the world of dark.
To be fully self-realized and know your complete powers of creation you must actually master enlightenment AND endarkenment.
This is the identification with both the Dreamer + the Dreamt...
not only is it the identification with them both, but the identification of your truest self as the singular point of UNION between them both; which is the paradox.
However, this us unrealizable without the endarkenment, which is the part we've been resisting.
Although we've been seemingly 'light focused', we've actually also been denying him too because you cannot deny the dark without also denying the light, for they are one and the same.
If you deny any part of the whole, you deny the totality.
They are an unbreakable lovership, the light + the dark.
Loyal since the beginning of time, and until the end.
She is the mysterious womb of creation, the one who desired to know her divine self, and so said: "let there be light"...
and the magical masculine dream world of light appeared before her, in reflection of her, to serve her desire to know who she is.
She is the dreamer, and he is the dreamt.
She is the world of dark, and he is the world of light.
and you are both.
Mostly we've forgotten about, and repressed, her majesty of darkness and in doing so, we've shamed his world of light as well.
We've made her and her desires wrong. We've hyper-focused on controlling, manipulating, and identifying with the world of form which has been a massively painful distortion & a monumental disservice to our divine masculine.
He is literally *made* to worship and serve his mistress of darkness.
She is his lover, and his muse, and the whole reason he creates... and she's been stripped from him.
He's been denied his primary purpose, which is absolutely heartbreaking.
No wonder he's been acting the way he has... he's hurt, he's bleeding, he longs for his destined reunion with his creator and divine lover.
Acceptance, integration and divine lovership of both your light & your dark - two components of the duality of your whole - completes your divine expression and yields to you the unlimited powers of creation that are your birthright and your destiny.
As you can see, this feels very paradoxical in nature.
The best way I've found to understand this is to use the dream metaphor, in which she is the dark dreamer and he is the dream world of light.
You are - SHE - the Dark Dreamer, safe at home dreaming of - HE - the light world of dream emanations, with which you are one.
To fully and simultaneously, at the point of union, identify with the dreamer AND the dream character is to gain mastery over both... and realize the totality of your divinity.
To do this is to liberate yourself completely; it's to become lucid in your dream of life; it is to be 'in the world, but not of it'
To do this is to not only become the *full*filled expression of divinity that you are, but it's to strike a cosmic harmonic love affair between the parts that make you whole, which is to realize your heaven on earth.
This is why the body of work that's coming through me, which I'm currently calling 'Shapeshifter' is based on the mastery of identification with your Dreamer AND the world of your Dream Character.
It's to become enlightened AND endarkened, so to know yourself as a wHoly Human.
It's to become the master of your fate and the primary agent of your change.
These are the two parts, of the art, of the Shapeshifter.