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Shapeshifter Day 49 - devotion

Nov 30, 2019
I have an opinion I want to share with you about the reason why I think so many people do not actually live the life they really want.
I'd love your thoughts on this if you feel called to share.
In my opinion, there's one primary cornerstone that is the determining factor between those who dream awake the life they say they want... and those who just talk about it, but don't ever actualize it.
The cornerstone I speak of is this:
Devotion, to me, is about getting clear on what's most important to you, and then making THAT your highest priority, above all else.
When something in your life is of high priority, you say yes to it and no to everything that is not it; you organize your entire life in a way that fosters your focus on it, your belief in it, your commitment to it, and your experience of it.
Basically, you design your life in a way the supports the actualization of that aim.
You invest all of your most valuable resources of time, attention, energy, and even money in ways that increase the probability of its successful realization.
It's a carving away of all that's not relevant. It's a perpetual re-invention of self through the act of telling new stories, the exploration of expanded paradigms and the assumption of new habits of being.
It's a willingness to embody who you're called to BE at the core which means a shedding of all the antiquated skins, ideas, relationships, habits, addictions, distractions, and patterns that do not serve your aims.
It means speaking your truth, even when it's scary to do so.
It requires summoning monumental amounts of faith and belief, in something you can't yet see.
This is what devotion in motion looks like, and although it's the path to the most ease filled, fulfilling, and satisfying life of your highest desires expressed... it's confronting as fuck.
It takes a ballsy audacity, and a fierce tenacity to say yes to a life of devotion.
That's why I think that so many don't dare go there, and it's why so many settle for a life that feels easier in the moment than doing what feels so confronting to do...
yet, that life always feels harder in the long run because there's nothing more soul-sucking, more heartbreaking, more suffer some than living a life of self-denial.
This is to live a life of unwillingness to confront yourself, where you're perpetually running and hiding in places where maybe you won't find you.
It's an infinite game of hide-and-seek you can never win...
because the reality is that the voice of your truest desires and hopes and dreams won't ever go away completely, no matter how hard you try to hide it away. You can bury in the backyard, and although the beating of it's drums will grow fainter, it will still haunt you in the night... like that game from Jumanji. lol
So, the way I see it... it's easier to just give in and say yes to a life of devotion to your dreams, no matter what that devotion requires of you.
I can assure you that the pain of self-denial is far greater than the momentary discomfort of being stripped of falsities.
I've noticed that the more consistent my devotion; the more I dare speak my truth even when it freaks me out; the more willing I am to carve away anything and everything that does not support my highest aims...
the easier my life experience becomes.
Not only that but devotion gifts you with clarity, vibrancy, and strength.
It makes you more powerful, more potent, more magical.
It gives you a divine sight to see beyond the world of form, so even when it looks like your aims are not coming to fruition, you don't use it as a reason to decrease your devotion, but to increase it instead.
Devotion to what you say is most important to YOU, is absolutely life-giving.
At first, it may appear up close, as if your devotion wavers from time-to-time, but for the truly devoted, from a higher vantage point, it appears more like a wavy patterned line heading steadily upwards.
The less wavy you can make that line, the quicker the realization of your highest priorities and desires.
It really is fucking amazing how fast things can shift and change and morph before your very eyes, when you make a powerful choice for yourself, for your life, for your livelihood... and then submit yourself to it.
Your desires were put in your heart for a reason. They're there to grow you, to evolve you, to expand you.
To say yes to those desires, with devotion, is the art of the Shapeshifter and the practical magic of transforming your life, from the inside out.
Devotion is the guru that helps sharpen your abilities to reinvent yourself, navigate change & dream awake ever-expanding realities with ease.
Devotion ultimately is to evolve consciously;
And eventually, it's to become lucid in your dream of life, it’s to remember the truth of who you really are, and it’s to play freely with the world of form.

Devotion is the path to the realization of all your wildest dreams, and it's the difference maker between the one who does and the one who doesn’t.

So the question is:
which one will you be?