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Shapeshifter Day 47 -  dreamer & dreamt

Nov 28, 2019


i feel you dark womb, divine dreamer. 
i hear your desires,
they whisper at still of night.


i've not honored you fully 
i've tried to control you.
contain you.
wrong you.


all that ever won me,
was complete exhaustion;
utter heartache.


those days are dead.
my will is yours.


what a falsity
that I could ever override you. 

your supreme power,
your intention;

you were always winning.


whatever you desire,
i now desire too.
for I Am, You.


and, for the first time,


i see my divine lover
in all his glory;
light world of dreams


you too, i've attempted to
contain, wrong, control.


i see that you were only ever
serving my dark 
worshipping her


breathing in her mysterious scent,
exhaling with exactitude
her every want,
her every need,
her every requirement.


such devotion
magic man


what a falsity
that i could ever deny you.


your ancient willingness,
your steadfastness;


no longer
will I resist your gifts.


i honor you.


whatever you have to give me,
i receive in totality. 


full submission.


i am yours, for You are Me.




complete in his light.


complete in her dark.


sacred union
dreamer & dreamt