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Shapeshifter day 44 - the true nature of desire

Nov 25, 2019
The nature of desires is such that, they are always expanding.
Once you fulfill one, another one is always born in its place.
This is important to understand for a couple of different reasons, the first being that you will never ever find satisfaction in the actualization of your desires, other than in the momentary gap that exists before the next desire is born.
Remember, the dreamscape of your life can only ever reflect back to you who you think you are, so to desire the experience of having something in your life is only for the purpose of getting to know and embody the aspect of you that would have the ability to reflect that back in the mirror (are you tired of me saying this yet? Lol)
When you embody the core frequency of the aspect of you that you desire to know, a dream emanation that energetically rhymes with that aspect you've embodied pops into the reflection of your life...
and then always, *poof* another desire to know another aspect of your infinite self arises.
Let's use the metaphor of an actual mirror for greater understanding.
If you currently have blonde hair and you want brown hair, you don't wait around for the mirror in your bathroom to show you that you have brown hair before you allow yourself to have brown hair. No. You give yourself brown hair and then the mirror reflects back to you what you now have.
Perhaps then a new desire will arise within you to have shorter hair, and the same process occurs.
Do you get it?
This is how the dream of your life works.
You are the dream vehicle from which the universe (also you) is experiencing itself, which it does through the context of the relationship through reflection that only a dream of polarity can provide.
As an infinite, ever-expanding Self, there will always be more of you to know and it is the very nature of your ever-expanding desire that actually keeps the universe expanding.
So no matter how many desires you actualize, *poof* there will always be another desire to know another aspect of your infinite self.
So, the second reason it's important to understand that your desires are always expanding and another one will always appear in place of the last one... is that you can actually use this awareness to 'hack the system' if you will.
Let me explain.
So if you know that the only reason you desire something is actually to know another aspect of yourself, and you're aware that another desire will always take the place of the last, you actually have the power to step outside of time and space to intentionally embody greater and greater aspects of yourself, as quickly as you like, before the earlier ones have even produced observable results in your dreamscape.
What this looks like in action -
know your desire
identify what aspects of your infinite energy you're wanting to experience through this manifestation
embody them now
don’t give a rats ass about whether or not you can see evidence of it in your dreamscape...
and then, ask yourself
...and *now*, what do I want?
Rinse and repeat, ad-infinitum.
You slow your evolution and your dreamscape emanations waayyy the fuck down when you're sitting around waiting for shit to show up before you move on to your next desire, aka take your next expansion.
Why wait?
Just have what you really want from your desires now, in ever-expanding degrees... and your dreamscape will catch up with you.
Have you ever noticed that the shit that you want has a tendency to pop into your world when you stop obsessing about it and maybe even forget about it and move on?
I talked about this briefly in a post I wrote yesterday called 'the manifestation equation'.
One of the main reasons your manifestation attempts aren't working out the way you'd prefer is that you're sitting around waiting for what you want to show up before you allow yourself to have what you really want.
You're being conditional AF because you still believe your dream is real and that it contains the answers you're seeking.
From that energy, your world can only produce a reflection that energetically rhymes with "waiting and wishing and I don't have what I'm looking for"
That's a feedback loop you cannot get out of if you're depending on your mirror to give you what you want before you let yourself have it.
If you want to hack that very frustrating loop, you have to be audacious enough to just have, right here and now, what you REALLY want - the energetic aspect of you associated with the reflection you desire - and then ask yourself 'now what do i want'??
...and then move the fuck on into the next expansion of you.
You become downright magical when you buy out of this idea that the circumstances of your 'life' have what you're looking for, and you just decide to have more and more and more of you because you fucking can.
The dreamscape emanations (that you call 'manifestations') of your most recently previous self will pop off as you move into your next level self, like when you forget about or distract yourself from what you were wanting and it shows up brilliantly.
The quicker you call upon your expansion, sans conditions, the quicker this will happen.
So ask yourself this...
if I already had everything I think I'm wanting now, then what would I want?
The awareness that all you want is the frequency combined with your willingness to be unconditional about having it, and your audacity to call upon the next level of expansion before evidence of the last one shows up... will have you existing in multiple dimensions of creation (dreams within dreams within dreams)
Now does that excite your infinite self more than sitting around waiting for the 'dream' shit to show up, or what? ;)
You're not just a human.
Stop pretending you are.
You're a wHoly Human, dammit.
Be bold enough to dream like the god you are outside of conditions and activate your divine magical abilities to shapeshift, bend time, and side-step into alternate realities with total ease, bliss, joy, and excitement.
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