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Shapeshifter Day 43 - the manifestation equation

Nov 24, 2019
The more fully you can get your energy behind feeling your desired outcomes as already real and true and done, the quicker they'll show up in physical form... because your dream can only reflect back to you what you're being, what you believe, and what you expect.
Not what you're yearning to have, not what you're hoping-with-your-fingers-crossed shows up, and most certainly not what you're 'waiting for'.
All that will get you is more yearning, and hoping, and waiting.
(OR... you'll get so fed up from hoping, yearning, and waiting that one day you'll get super-pissed, have a fuck this shit moment, and command your desired outcomes with authority... but that's another conversation for another day)
I'm sure in you've already heard of this visualization 'manifestation tip' a bazillion times via New Age teachings... and the truth is that it's not NOT true.
However, it's only one part of the equation
At this level of manifestation mastery, you're twirling in a paradigm in which you're aware that you influence your environment by the energies you embody and based on those embodied energies you attract things from out in the objective world, into your subjective world...
and when it works, it feels like pure magic!
This place is not a bad place to be.
It's incredibly empowering.
That's why I call it, 'The Empowerment Bit'
...but wait, there's more!
This teaching, in and of itself is incomplete, it's inconsistent (haven't you noticed?)... and it's just not sustainable.
It's only Part-One of a Two-Part creation equation.
Part two is what I like to call, 'The Enlightenment Bit'
So the 'problem' with employing the Empowerment Bit as the whole story of manifestation, is that although you've come perhaps to accept that the world within your 'spirituality bubble' is subjective and under your energetic influence, you're still left thinking there's an actual objective world outside of your 'spirituality bubble'
You're still believing there's an 'out-there' from which you must attract things. You think your body is real. You think your boyfriend is real. You think your family is real. You think money is real. You think food is real. You think the earth is real. You think the government is real.
In a nutshell, you still think you're a human living in a physical world that's real, solid and tangible.
As long as you are identified this way, you remain in paradigms where there are factors outside of your control.
And if you remember what we talked about in the very beginning of this conversation, all your world can do is reflect back to you what you most believe to be true.
...and so, if you believe you are a separate human with even minimal factors outside of your control your world HAS to prove to you that you are indeed a human who does not yield the full powers of sovereign creation.
You cannot control your world as a human who thinks there are factors that exist outside of your control.
Just like you cannot control your dreams at night as long as you believe you ARE the dream character in the dream.
The only way you gain full access over the dream is to become lucid within it and remember that you are not the dream character at all -although you get to enjoy the full sensory experience of the dream character - but you are, in all actuality, the one having the dream.
Your waking life too is an illusory dream.
Mystics have been trying to tell us this for ages, and now meta-physics shows us through science that the things we think to be real are pure fiction - nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
To become lucid in your waking dream, is to become enlightened to the fact that you are not actually the human dream character you think you are at all, but in truth the Divine Dreamer.
The whole of the world you perceive, right down to the bodies and peoples and trees and rocks and foods and governments and monies, even the blood and gore and horrors... all figments of your imagination.
Just like your dreams at night.
This is a really tough pill to swallow, for the human who thinks it's a human. The human wants to make everything real and special and meaningful.. and it creates the illusion of that through its separation.
It's really challenging for the human to fathom that it could dream of a person while they have no idea that you're dreaming of them, meanwhile, those that they dream of are having their very own dreams of themselves in their very own worlds... just like at night.
Dreams, within dreams, within dreams.
I understand this is some wild ass shit to the human who thinks it's a human. I understand that all your practical sensibilities will go up in protest at this notion, and you'll even conjure forth dream emanations to convince you of just how real your separation from the world you perceive is.
You must face these protesting parts with love and compassion and see them for what they truly are... dream characters projected by the part of your very own psyche that believes it's separate from god.
(what do you think Jesus was doing in the desert for '40 days and 40 nights' ;) )
I speak of this so clearly, because I'm in the process of my full-time remembrance just like you.
If you're called to know your divinity in human form, to be in the dream but not of it... step one manifestation principles, simply won't cut it as a long term strategy for you.
Yes, you will still embody the energies of all you're desiring to experience as if it's done... whilst, surrendering the idea that you are the dream character you play.
This invokes a certain kind of magic that far exceeds the magic of bringing something physical in the world out there to you...
it awakens your understanding that all you're conjuring are simply dreamscape emanations materializing before your very dream eyes. There is no thing that you perceive, existing outside of your own imagination.
And from this understanding, you no longer need to get things, because what is there to get when you have it all in your own mind. You no longer need to prove yourself, because who is there to prove it to? You no longer need things to look a certain way for you to feel how you want to feel because you're no longer attached to the realness of the dream.
The human consciousness would tell you that an experience like that would be void of realness and meaning, and specialness... and sure, maybe that's true but the human consciousness is only able to understand what it perceives it's losing... never what it's gaining.
But the wHoly Human consciousness would have you know that from the point of lucidity what you gain, far exceeds what you lose... for the only thing that can ever be lost is what is not real.
What is, and always has been real, is your divinity.
Within lucidity, your every little dreamscape experience becomes sacred and what emanates before your dream eyes, becomes absolutely miraculous.
...and then from there, you have the true powers of the Divine Dreamer that you are to create deliberately for the sheer joy of it.
Empowerment + Enlightenment
This is both what I'm devoted to and what I teach.
If you're being called to the mastery of these two parts of the creation equation, and you feel divinely guided to work intimately with me... PM me to inquire about the options.
P.S. I'm fully aware that dividing cosmic wisdom into parts & steps is truly a monumental over-simplification, but have you ever noticed how the mind just seems to relax in the presence of linear explanations?
I personally have found the most loving and compassionate thing to do for the human consciousness, is to not to fight against its tendencies but to instead enroll them onto the same page as divinity, and use them as a bridge to greater understanding.
Words can only ever point you in the direction, of what you already know deep within.