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Shapeshifter Day 42 - the high road

Nov 23, 2019
To concern yourself with the physical world details of your life, including the circumstances, and the people and the relationships in it is to slow yourself waaaaay the fuck down.
That is not the road to your highest potential.
Don't you know, you don't create from the outside-in?
Don't you know that what appears to 'be' in the world of form is simply a reflection of what you've really created on your inner landscape?
To attempt to move and shuffle around the circumstances and relationships of your life is to miss the mark completely. It's an error in focus, and it's a diversion from your highest potentials.
I'm not saying that the circumstances and relationships of your life shouldn't be important to you, all I'm saying is if you truly cared to realize your greatest 'dream-of-life' experience, including all the best circumstances and relationships...
you'd better gather up all that energy you're placing in futile attempts to manipulate a mirage with your physical hands, and reallocate it to where it's truly useful -- on you inner landscape; on working out the relationship dynamics between you and you; on embodying more of your inherent wealth and worth.
Run inwards, as fast as you can, towards the embodiment of your highest potential.
Run inwards, as fast as you can, towards the remembrance of your divinity.
Run inwards, as fast as you can, towards the realization of your lucidity in this waking dream, and I promise you the circumstances, the relationships, and the other details of the reflective dreamscape will be sorted out with total ease and as if by magic.
Don't you know, that you have magic available to you?
Don't you know, that miracles should be normal for you?
Don't you know that you have the ability to shapeshift and bend time and sidestep into alternate realities with ease?
But that's not available to you when you think you're a mere human who has to affect the world of form at the level of form; not when you think you're a human mind that affects things on the level of the human mind.
You must rise above all of that, to access your true magic, you must call upon the highest truth that lives within you, and you must draw upon the genius and power of it to call forth an entirely new life.
That is the road to your highest potential.
Don't concern yourself with the physical details. Don't concern yourself with ideas of loss. Don't misplace your power onto illusions.
Run as fast as you can towards your ever-expanding true power, within, and your whole world will expand with you.
Whatever's supposed to stay with you, will.
Whatever's supposed to fall away, will.
To worry about any of that stuff is a distraction.
It’s to take your eyes off your own road, its to stifle your own expansion, and It's to keep yourself from realizing your highest potentials in this dream.
You're destined to realize your highest potential, whether it be in this dream of life or another.
That, you've already chosen for yourself.
The matter of when you realize it though, is completely up to you.
You can choose to sloooooow down.
Or you can choose to speed up.
There is no right or wrong here.
No judgment.
I’m guessing, you're here to remember who-the-fuck-you-really-are, here and now in this dream of life.
I’m guessing you're not interested in maintaining the status quo of your dreamscape.
I’m guessing you're one of those who are ready to entertain magical models of reality and quantum leap into wild new worlds of possibility.
You've dreamt yourself into this dream, to see if this time you might become lucid and dream awake the highest potentials possible, whatever they may be, just for shits and giggles.
If that's you, then for the love-of-god, take your energy off caring about the details of your physical world, and put it on caring about the details of your energetic world instead.
Put your focus on remembering your highest, most expansive, most magical truths.
Run as fast as you can towards the god that lives within, and the rest of your world will morph to catch up in reflection, as ordained by the laws of the universe that YOU designed.
You know how this place works because you created it.