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Shapeshifter Day 26 - momentous waves of gratitude

Nov 07, 2019

Every day I go to my journal to write my dreamscape into existence. Some days the words flow like a river, and other days I stare blankly at the black screen of my computer feeling sticky AF.

The key to calling forth what you desire in your life, is really as simple (and as complicated) as feeling in this now moment, the feelings of your desired future life. By universal law, your dreamscape will reflect back to you ever-expanding energetic equivalents to that.

Often I write about my future in real time, as if it were happening now in order to put myself into the feeling state of it.

However, on the days when I can't quite reach the future self I'm choosing to Shapeshift into, what I always turn to is gratitude.

I start with the little things that feel easy to appreciate, like my villa and coffee and sunsets and what’s really amazing is that the little easy to appreciate things quite naturally and quickly lead into finding greater and greater perfection in my life.

This is because focus in the grand expander.

My gratitude journaling always expands into more depth and detail. I find appreciation for myself, for my past, for all the others in my life, even the ones that feel challenging to appreciate.

This then always leads me to expressing gratitude for the things not yet manifested in my life, as if I were certain they were on their way to me… which is to place myself squarely in the frequency of my future self.

So what I felt unable to access in the beginning, I quite naturally find my way to by allowing myself to ride the momentus wave of gratitude.

I think it was Eckhart Tolle who said something like,
if the only prayer you ever said was "thank you" that would be enough.

I wholeheartedly agree with that, even though sometimes I forget 😉

Often, the human mind likes to grab onto this “conscious creation stuff” and turn it into a big hairy undertaking, a complicated project to sink it’s problematic teeth into. And yes, there are a lot of nuances to understanding and shifting your own energy, because you are a dynamic, multi-faceted humans being…

However, if you find yourself confused, at a loss for what to do, or find it all feeling so hard… going back to the basics is all you really have to do to reset your baseline frequency and connect to your power Source.

It is only from there that you have access to all the expanded wisdoms and knowing you're seeking anyways.

Calling upon gratitude for the totality of your dream world and seeking out the magic in your life, is one of the simplest ways to tap you into the vibration of all the good stuff you're wanting.

You will always find what you're looking for.
You will always prove to yourself what you believe to be true.
You will always expand what you focus on.

So you might as well start regularly finding gratitude for what is, what has been, and what’s to come.

Fall in love with your life and yourself, exactly as it is… while knowing that you always get to have more.

Your appreciation, your love, your contentment, and your satisfaction will be amplified as your greatest potentials, realized.

… and it will happen like magic,
before your very eyes.

~ Chandra Nicole