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Shapeshifter Day 25 ~ baby steppin' fast as fuck

Nov 06, 2019
It really is incredible how quickly a new habit can take form.
When I committed to writing daily shapeshifter posts less than a month ago, I had to set a reminder to do it every day so that I wouldn't forget.
I had to start early in the morning because I was so out of the flow of writing that I knew it might take me the whole day to put a post together.
I often felt like I didn't know what to say and many days I had to force myself to sit down and place my fingers on the keys, even though I did not feel like it one little bit.
Now, only 25 days later...
I no longer have to depend on an alarm or a to-do list to make sure my writing gets done. I can sit down any time of the day to write and trust that the words will flow, even late at night when I feel tired.
In fact, I recently noticed that if I sit down to write when I feel exhausted, partway through my post I become energized.
Writing has become a non-negotiable priority for me, that my day hinges upon, whereas before writing was an afterthought most of the time.
As you may probably know, I'm not a champion for action being the answer to anything because your world is not created by actions.
You are one with the Divine Dreamer, who creates illusory dream worlds by thought alone. I will preach this lofty truth and I remind you who the fuck you are, till the cows come home, because it's where true freedom dwells.
What I am a super champion for, is deciding what dream character you want to play next and then devoting yourself to full emotional identification with that character for funzies.
I believe action is simply an invitation to more alignment with the character you're choosing to Shapeshift into.
So in my case, I decided that one of the characteristics of my next evolution dream character is "prolific writer & published author"
My character comes alive from writing. It's a necessary component of her self-expression and fulfillment in the dream. She quite simply just fucking loves it. And, because she's a writer she must write every single day.
She knows how incredible of a writer she is. She knows how divinely sourced she is. She knows that it is not ever her job to judge the message, but simply to show up with her fingers on the keys and share what flows through her every day.
She trusts that the perfect dream people will be drawn to her words, as if by magic. She knows that her message inspires people all over the dreamscape, and she's confident that the energy it carries will call the most highly aligned dream clients to come to work more intimately with her.
This is what I have chosen for my character. I crafted her deliberately and I get to know her better and better every day, through my continued devotion.
It's of utmost importance, if I truly desire to realize her potential, that I show up in honor of her, as her, every single day.
Before I committed to writing this daily post, I quite honestly was not feeling like a writer at all. In fact, I was kind of annoyed at how hard writing was feeling for me.
And I most certainly did not believe all that stuff I just shared pertaining to what my character believes about herself and her writing.
I chose what life was going to be like for her. I chose how she would show up. I chose what she would believe, what she would think and how she would feel.
I prioritize her.
And little by little, quick as can be, I am becoming her.
Choice, by choice, by choice.
(I call this BSFAF -- Baby-Steppin' Fast As Fuck 🤣)
... And, like I started this post saying, it truly is incredible how little time it takes to instill a new habit of being when you really show the fuck up for what you say you want and who you say you really want to be.
Like less than a month, really.
Could you imagine what your life might look like if you just kept stacking new aligned habit of being, with new aligned habit of being month after month after month, for an entire year?
You quite literally would not recognize your old self at this time next year. You and your life would be radically different.
This is the work I do not only in my own life but with my clients as well.
If you know that the winds of change are blowing, you have great visions in your heart to dream awake in this coming year, and you feel intuitively that working intimately with me would be a complete game-changer for you...
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I look forward to hearing from you soon...
~ Chandra Nicole