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Shapeshifter Day 24 ~ the light & the way

Nov 05, 2019
An excerpt from my Journal, November 2007
"I believe that my journey thus far has been setting me up for my life’s work; Guiding those who feel lost, who feel a tug deep down in the depths of their soul. Wanting to live a full, meaningful life. Struggling to be the best that they can be, but not knowing where to begin.
My passion and work will be to help these people if they so desire. To aid them in digging up and clearing out the muck that we acquire the first part of our lives, so as to expose the true self.
I hope to be a beacon for the sacredness of each individual's truth.
12 years ago, and even waaaaay before that -
I KNEW what I was here to do.
I was crystal clear about it in my journaling and in my intentions.
My process of honoring & embodying my knowing, however...
well. THAT is a whole 'nother story - one I really love to be very transparent about within the message I share.

Because these real-life experiences and stories are examples of where the rubber meets the road. They're where the sacred meets the mundane, where the totality gets rendered divine & it all turns into magic.
Embodying my own teachings has been my devotion, ever since I understood that the only way to teach my daughter was through example.

Words do not, and never will, teach.
This I knew way back when I wrote this entry in my journal.
What I’ve come to understand very clearly since then is that not only is embodiment of my own message the only way to teach… but it’s the only way to experience transformation in my dreamscape at all, including the transformations of the dream people in it.

I have heard people say that their clients' results are not their responsibility, but I honestly see it differently.

I have come to know that my clients' results are indeed my responsibility.
I have the power to imagine not only myself from here to enlightenment, and anywhere in between… but I also have the power to imagine those in my dream anywhere between here and enlightenment too.
If I see limitations in others, then that is how they will present to me.
If I see limitlessness in others, then that is how they will present to me.
Both of which are really only ever an indication of what I see in myself because my world is my reflection.

How do you think Jesus “healed” people? 
Do you think he healed people by thinking their sickness was real? Or by seeing the truth of their divinity?
How do you think he saw her divinity?
By first knowing his own divinity.
He knew he was the light and the way...
and he taught that we were too.

To be responsible for the totality of your reality is a pretty tough pill to swallow sometimes (trust me, I know) but it is the portal to true liberation from the “matrix”
Freeing yourself from the matrix isn’t about realizing that you’ve been under the spell of some external power, and then taking that power back. That still leaves you identifying the matrix as real and something outside of your creation.
To liberate yourself from all matrixes is to awaken to the remembrance that it was you and only you all along, creating the whole dreamscape you've perceived yourself living in, including all the people in it.
Within this lucidity, you also become aware that only you have the power to dream awake the remembrance of divinity for every single dream character you’ve created.

It’s truly fascinating to see that although my understanding of my own message has expanded exponentially, my intention and desire 12 years ago, is the same as it is now.
I have more clarity than ever about what it really takes to guide and help others...and it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the words I write or speak.
It does, however, have everything to do with what I be.
It has everything to do with my own lucidity.
It has everything to do with the unification of my will with the will of the dreamer.
It has everything to do with my ability and willingness to see you for the truth of what you are… which is a limitless divine dreamer.
I am the light and the way.
And guess what…
You are too

Every day, I recommit to being a beacon for the sacredness of your truth, by honoring mine.
I recommit to transcending my own perceived obstructions through the light & power of limitless love, so that I may know your limitlessness too.
Each day I surrender more of my controls and submit myself to the Dreamer, so that I may not only live my best life but dream awake yours as well.

I am responsible for the totality of my reality.
If you’re struggling, suffering, or feeling lost… it's my job to imagine a new dreamscape in which you are thriving, whole, healthy, happy, and prosperous.
You could call it prayer perhaps,
but I would just call it the work of lucidly dreaming awake my heaven on earth.
I’m not saying I’ve mastered this.
Far from it, in fact…
but this is my "work"
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
~ Chandra Nicole
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