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Shapeshifter Day 23 - it's all working out

Nov 03, 2019

Today's post is going to be short and to the point, as I find myself at the end of a very long, busy, exhausting, but amazing day. I'm feeling sleepy and fulfilled and not full of too many words, other than Life is pretty fucking magical and unexpecting in the most delightful ways.

For the past two months, I've been staying in a hotel here in Bali called "Semimpi" which in Balinese means "like a dream" (so very in alignment with the message I share... obvi)

However, today I got the keys to a sweet little two-bedroom, three-bath villa, with a pool.

I wanted to tell you the story of how this villa came into my life, but it's gonna have to wait for another day.

Just know that it showed up through the least likely of scenarios, and in a way that at first glance could have been interpreted as an unfavorable event.

It's a hilarious story, really, which I look forward to sharing properly when I have more fuel in my tank.

What I know for sure tonight, as I sink into the bed of this new villa, is that everything's always working itself out in the most divine ways possible, even when it doesn't appear that way from the outside.

I find the more I trust in that, the more it proves itself to be true to me.

If these words find you in less then favorable conditions know that you have the power to dream awake something brand new for your life and your living, anytime you like. It all starts within, and you have the energy that creates worlds working behind the scenes on your behalf, at all times.

Have faith. I see you. I believe in you.

~ Chandra Nicole

Below is a picture of how you move, Bali style 🤣

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