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Shapeshifter Day 22 - Moments Matter

Nov 02, 2019

 To Shapeshift into the next version of you begins with an intention... but that intention is carried out and realized with the moment-by-moment decisions you make.

These moments take devotion, they take audacity and they take tenacity.

In other words -
it takes commitment and balls to become who you say you want to be. lol


What you want to be could range anywhere from a first-time entrepreneur, to rich-as-fuck, to an enlightened Jesus like guru.

Whatever you want to be, you do have the power to imagine yourself all the way to it, but it's going to mean believing in something you don't yet have evidence of.

It's going to mean, dismissing a whole lot of ideas that have nothing to do with the new version of you.

It's going to mean showing the fuck up for what you say is most important to you, even when you don't necessarily feel like it.

It's going to mean, mastering self-awareness so that you can identify the thoughts, feelings, and actions you're entertaining that no longer serve your vision for your self and your life.

It's going to mean mastering unconditional love so that you can transcend the past and call upon something brand new in alignment with your greater potential.


The mastery of these things, happen in the seemingly mundane moments of your human experience.


Each little choice of focus you make shifts your trajectory by what may seem to be a tiny little fraction, but in actuality, your quantum reality shifts into a whole new universe.

What you do with your moments, matters.

And I don't mean what you "do" like physical world action-wise, although that's often an extension of what I'm talking about here - I'm talking about what you do with your mind in each moment. I'm talking about what perspectives you choose to entertain, which affects the way you feel and the words you say.

Your perspectives are PURE imaginations, which most likely over time have proved themselves to be true to you.

But the real truth, is that you get proof of whatever you imagine with conviction.

If you want a new experience in your dream of life, you're gonna have to innovate your imaginations and you're gonna have to devote yourself to it as if your dream life depended on it, cuz it does.

Don't underestimate the power of your imagination.
It's the shaper of realms.

Have you forgotten that you're made in the image and the likeness of the Divine Dreamer, who created all the dreamlands with pure desire and thought alone?

What you do on your inner landscape, moment-by-moment MATTERS...
In fact, it matters the most.

If becoming the Divine Magician of space and time you truly are is an intention of yours - if you desire to master deliberate creation - then you will prioritize what we're talking about here.

Trust me,
I know how tantalizing the dream can be.
I know how it wants to persuade you to seek what you're looking for in its illusion.
I know how easy it can be to get swept up in thinking it's all so real and reacting to it as such.

But you have the power to prioritize a different way of being.

You're equipped with the capability to wake up in the dream of life, and in doing so unify yourself with the Divine Dreamer...

which is where all your magical powers of intentional creation dwell.

You have within you the supernatural ability to dream yourself awake moment, by moment, by moment... and along with it, your heaven on earth experience.

~ Chandra Nicole

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