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Shapeshifter Day 21 - do what you love!

Nov 02, 2019
I'm realizing lately, more than ever, how so very important it is to do the things you love and to do them as often as possible...
To engage in the activities that bring you indescribable joy is like a life hack for connection to your source dreamer. It's a portal into timelessness. It's a wormhole into entirely new worlds. It's a shortcut to your very own alignment.
And what I'm seeing so clearly, is that it's important to do those things even when you don't feel especially inspired to do them.
This week on multiple occasions, I have truly just not felt inspired to write, although I fucking love writing.
Yet, I showed up anyway.
Today I facilitated an online workshop for my private facebook group. It was scheduled for early in the morning Bali time, I didn't want to get out of bed, I honestly felt kind of crabby, and I was all in my head about what I might talk about...
Yet, I showed up anyway.
And on all occasions, I was overwhelmingly glad I did.
These are both things that I really truly love.
They give me life.
And yet, I could have found a million reasons to not do them. Each time I give in to that little voice that tries to convince me to not do the thing that I've declared is so important, I sacrifice my potential and my destiny.
I surrender my creativity, by stating to the universe through the choice to not do the thing, that self-expression through my art is actually is not important to me like I said it was.
This is kind of an aside, but important to point out for the other creatives out there like me... I've noticed that the more consistently I show up for my art and share it with the dreamscape the more freely it flows, the more inspired I feel, and the more ideas I have.
It's like the more I have, the more I have.
I guess that's the momentous nature of focus and creation, isn't it ;)
Getting started, and building momentum of new habitual ways of being is the hardest part... it truly does get easier to be more of what you're already being once you've already been it for a while. But you gotta start somewhere, ya know?
The "hard" part I mentioned, btw, is not really even hard. It just feels that way sometimes because the human is so conditioned into certain patterns of being... and so to make new decisions and show up for who you say you want to be, on repeat, even when you don't particularly feel like it takes really deliberate awareness and choice, and is truly the deciding factor between whether you will realize the next level, expanded potential of you... or not.
I think it's really important to note that this is not a conversation about doing certain actions to "get" certain outcomes in your life. Trust me, I have fallen into that conditioning more times than I can count, and it's not a paradigm I personally desire to perpetuate in my teachings or in my life.
As we know, because I talk about it every damn day, the dreamscape you call "the world" can only and ever reflect back to you what you're believing is true about you and about life. It cannot give you anything you don't already have and there is nothing you have to or even could do, to get the dreamscape to give you something you don't already have within you.
The action taking bit is truly about your authentic self-expression. It's about your creativity. It's about your joy. It's about your connection to the divine dreamer, which all your next level desires and joys and gifts spring forth from.
When you get connected to the ultimate truth of what you are, through the portal of doing what you love and deem most important, you're connected to the energy that creates worlds which is your ultimate resource and the origination of everything you really want.
Surrender your paradigms of do-to-get,
and just be in it for the feelings.
The feelings will inevitably produce perceivable results in your dreamscape... they can't not, for its Universal Law.
Your feelings create entire worlds.
So you might as well do the things that are joyfully meaningful to you, every day.... and while you're at it, tell yourself stories of happiness and divine perfection too ;)
~ Chandra Nicole
If you'd like to catch the workshop replay, CLICK HERE for access. 
The workshop was about shapeshifting, activating your divine magic, and using it in practical ways to transform your life from the inside out. So. Fucking. Good.
Just a pic of a thing I love... coffee and writing... le sigh.