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Shapeshifter Day 20 - Habits of Being

Nov 01, 2019

I’m showing up every day in honor of the new me I’ve declared, even when I don’t want to.

I’m honoring the fuck out of myself, even when it’s scary to do so.

I’m being more radically and authentically me, than ever before.

I’m shamelessly saying admitting the truths that feel hard to speak out loud.

I’m setting boundaries with conviction, founded purely in self-integrity and love.

I’m only on the twentieth day of my next level Shapeshifter journey and I’m celebrating the fuck out of myself.

I'm not even three weeks into making some really powerful new choices for my life, and already things are changing, shifting, morphing in my world has

I’m feeling more inspired and self-expressed than ever.

The relationship dynamics with my lover have been shuffled & restructured in the name of freedom.

I have clarity in my heart about what I want to dream awake next and how to do that.

More people have been inquiring about my mentoring, and asking when I’m going to write a book than ever.

A sweet little Bali villa effortlessly found it’s way into my life, which I get to live in for the next three months with my daughter.

I feel so much momentum building already in favor of the new character I’ve chosen to assume and play.

It’s absolutely fucking crazy how fast Shapeshifting works when you work the principles of Shapeshifting as I teach.

So much can happen so fast when you simply commit to the next evolution of you.

Can you even imagine, if you decided who you wanted to be next, drew a line in the sand, stepped the fuck over it, and then devoted yourself to becoming the version of you like your life depended on it for the next YEAR?

You literally would look back in twelve months, and not even recognize the previous version of yourself.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see what magic will transpire over the course of the next year because shit’s already getting sooooooo good, and I’m only just getting started.

There’s this momentum that builds when you’re assuming a new identity.

At first, it feels a little awkward and weird and maybe even foreign. Like, who is this person I want to become and how do I do this?

But when you show up every day rain or shine, in honor of the new you, vowing that you’re gonna keep at it until you get it…

little by little, you start fitting into the new skin you’re choosing.

With consistency the character traits you’re choosing to assume begin feeling a little less awkward, your new ways of being starts feeling easier, and eventually practicing the new thoughts, feelings, words and actions of the new you feels like second nature.

Shapeshifting into a new version of yourself is really no different than learning any new skill or creating any new habit.

Isn’t it interesting to consider that “who you think you are”, is simply a habitual way of being that perhaps you’ve never taken the time to question or consciously restructure?

Isn’t it wild to think that you can actually decide to be something different, and then intentionally foster new habitual ways of being around that desired new you?

Isn’t it crazy to ponder that once those new habitual ways of being are rooted in your psyche, you literally will forget that you ever weren’t that because it’s become so YOU?

But don’t get it twisted…
This isn’t about thinking you need to be different because you’re not good enough the way you are.

This is about saying YES to all life has called you to become.

This is about honoring your call to expansion.

This is about witnessing your desires, and diving into them.

If you have a desire to grow into a new aspect of you… that is the impulse of evolution moving through you.

If you have a desire to create, be, do or have something more… that is the voice of your future self who has already become that, speaking directly to you in this now moment

This is not a conversation about becoming something you’re not… it’s a conversation about stepping boldly into more of who you already are.

What if you could just hold a little more loosely onto who you think you are, and allow yourself the freedom of reinvention?

What if you could just do this over and over and over again, for funzies?

Can you sense how amazing, and adventurous, and wild, and magical your life might become?

Could you even imagine the things you might do or be or have or experience, by allowing yourself to shift and morph and evolve at the rate which you’re being guided to?

Honestly, the only thing that causes you any suffering in this human life experience is the resistance to your own expansion.

You want to cling so tightly to what feels familiar, safe, and comfortable… yet, that’s not making you happy at all.

That’s because…
You were born to be a Shapeshifter.
You’re a divine magician, for christ's sake.
You came here to get your hands in the clay of creation, play many characters and have endless epic adventures.

You are a DREAMER.
You are THE dreamer.

Stop denying who you are at the core,
Get lucid to your highest truth and oneness with the dreamer, Say yes on repeat, to your own expansion, and start dreaming awake what’s in your heart.

I promise, if you’d devote yourself to this process like it’s the most important thing you could possibly prioritize, and do that for the next several seasons of your life…

things would start shifting quicker than you might expect and in a very short amount of time you will have created brand new habits of being, with a whole new dreamscape to match.

~ Chandra Nicole