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Shapeshifter Day 18 - Beyond Problems

Oct 30, 2019

I used to think that a limiting thought was a problem to solve.

Self-awareness was a high priority for me and so I was hyper aware of the limiting thoughts I was having which I then believed I had to dive into it, dissect it, and figure out... almost as if they were wrongnesses of me that needed to be reconciled.

The first thing I learned is that the only thing focusing on solving a “problem” does, is grow the problem.

That’s why the activism paradigm as it currently stands, does not work.
That’s why Mother Theresa is famously quoted for saying, and I paraphrase -
if you throw an anti-war rally I will not attend. But if you hold a pro-peace rally, count me in.

The second thing I learned, which piggy backs on the first, is that a limiting thought can never ever be figured out or solved because the truth is that all limitations are lies.

All limitations are figments of my very own imagination.

They only appear real, because I’ve believed in my own separation from infinite wealth, health and wholeness.

And as I talk about all the time (because I need to remind myself every single day), the only thing the dreamscape I call life can do, is reflect back to me what I deeply believe to be true about myself.

So if I believe I am separate and limited, my dreamscape can only and ever reflect back to me a reality that rhymes with limitation and separation.

Limitations are fundamental untruths, and just like hate will never have the power to eradicate hate, any flavor of lie will never have the power to eradicate a lie.

The only thing that can transcend a lie is truth, which is the awareness of divine all-pervasive perfection.
No limits. Just love.

There are no problems, just problematic thoughts.

And the only way to transcend a problematic thought is to assume the divine attitude about it, which is that everything is perfect just the way it is.

This reminds me of my second favorite question of all time which is:
What’s perfect about this that I’m not seeing?

(I shared my favorite question on Day 16 of Shapeshifter)

To see the perfection in all things at all times; including yourself, all you are, all you’ve been, and all you say and do and think and be IS to unify yourself with the will of God, with which you are inherently One.

I call this being
Shameless AF

God is Shameless As Fuck, and you are ultimately god.
There, I said it.

You just simply forgot that you were divinity having a dream of a human, which you’ve been believing you are.

When you call upon the absolute divine perfection of every little fucking thing, outside ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, sacred and profane, acceptable and unacceptable, appropriate and inappropriate…

you effectively assume the divine attitude, you become less identified with your dream character and you become more identified with the Dreamer that you really are.

In doing so you actually gain the supernatural, miraculous powers of creation in which god possesses.

This is your birthright.

The mystics have been trying to tell us this since the beginning of time.

To exercise cosmic love by seeing the perfection in all things, is to become transcendent thereby rising above the problematic thoughts where you have access to elevated, more evolved versions of yourself.

So these days, instead of diving headfirst into a limiting thought as if it were a problem to be solved, I know my number one job is to call upon complete, absolute, total and utter divine love of my current state of being.

I’m definitely no master at this yet, but I return to it over and over and over again as THE solution.

From there, I’m able to rise up into the consciousness of the next level Chandra Nicole I’m choosing to embody.

It is she that has access to awareness of the expanded thoughts, feelings and actions that are in complete alignment with all she wishes to summon into her dreamscape next… and the problematic thoughts just simply vanish into thin air.

Be prepared for the human to protest that this is too simple of an answer, because it will… but know that as limitation talking.

Limitation LOVES problems and will fight for them.

In fact, the perception of problems is the only thing that holds the experience of limitation in place.

I talk all the time about Shapeshifting, and using your practical magic to transform your life from the inside out…

but please please please know, this does not mean that what you’re experiencing as “yourself” right now is wrong.

You are not a problem to be solved.

And in fact, the only way that you CAN Shapeshift in the way that I describe, is to get shameless AF and elevate your consciousness in the way I’ve shared here.

That is a bulk of the shapeshifting “work” I do with my clients.

It’s from the divine attitude, that you’re liberated from past versions of yourself.

It’s from unconditional love, that you gain the presence and the space to actually tap into future possibilities in the now moment.

It’s from the perception of perfection, that you can harness the limitless energy that creates worlds, to animate your intentions and desires.

Without elevating yourself above the consciousness of problems, you’re working with extremely limited power, which is why your manifestation efforts may have historically fallen flat.

If you want to be the Divine Magician you came here to be, then you gotta go where your magic is….

~ Chandra Nicole

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