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Shapeshifter Day 17 - Practical Magic

Oct 29, 2019

Long before I ever had the metaphysical and spiritual vernacular that I have now, I could feel in my gut that there was more here than meets the eye.

What most of the people around me just took as fact, never made a shred sense to me as the ultimate truth.

There was something more under the surface, and this “something more” whispered in the still of my heart for two decades until the time came when I was ready to remember the deeper truths of my soul.

At that point I developed a voracious appetite for all things woo, and I spent the next two decades diving down rabbit holes.

I studied spiritualities, and religions, and philosophies, and metaphysics, ancient texts and not-so-ancient texts. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on retreats, and events, and programs, and mentors.

Through it all what I was most interested in, was applying what I was learning to my life and observing the results.

I guess you could say that my life became a laboratory for deliberate creation, and a real time experiment in liberating myself.

I wanted to not only prove in my own life that this shit works, but also be able boil it down to it’s simplest, most efficient, potent and practical form.

I’m not sure if it’s that I’ve developed a skill for this, or if it’s just an inherent gift of mine, but my clients and tribe tell me all the time that I have a way of making sense out of very complex, esoteric knowledge and doing so in a way that they can then turn around and apply to their lives in a practical way.

I’m a fucking witch at heart.
I love the woo more than anything, truly I do.
Divine magic is my passion.

But to me, magic isn’t magic if it’s not practical.

If I can’t harness esoteric wisdoms for the creation of my life, then it’s just mental masturbation.

If I can’t take universal principals and use them to transform the human experience from inside to out, including all the treasures that this life has to offer then whats the fucking point of spitting metaphysical gibberish?

None, as far as I can tell.

My aim in sharing this with you is to let you know a little more of my heart, and my intention, and my motivation for showing up here every day and for doing the work that I do.

I mean not to simply throw down magical sounding words, but to inspire application.

I invite you  to turn your life into your own sacred laboratory and devote yourself to experimenting with and tweaking this stuff until you prove it as real and true.

Your life is truly but a reflection of who you most deeply believe you are…
and, “Who-you-are” is far more malleable than you may have ever dreamed.

You have the ability to choose who you want to be and then become it…

meanwhile the highest truth,
as pointed to by the mystics and metaphysicians,
is that you are none of it.

You have the power to liberate yourself from identification with any characters you’ve ever played, and in doing so free yourself to morph into any character your heart now desires, just for funzies…

which, by-the-way, will radically alter the reflection in your mirror of life.

You are a Shapeshifter by nature.
Maybe you’ve forgotten this truth, yet…

You have a knowing deep in your soul that you can literally be, do and have anything you desire, yes?

There’s “something more” whispering to your heart that says you’re limitless, right?

Perhaps, you even know that life is but an illusory dream, a holographic mirage the desert, ya?

This is all great and inspiring, but how in the actual fuck do you now go forth with this knowing and live your best life?

Yes, you are first and foremost and mostly a spiritual being…
but you came here for the experience of getting your hands in the clay of creation and molding it, amiright?

What’s the point of all this woo-woo philosophy, if you can’t harness it to create some motherfucking magic in your life?

What I’m most interested in is helping you embody this esoteric knowledge in a practical way so that it becomes experientially real for you, and creates tangible results in your life on all levels of manifestation.

You at your core are a Divine Magician,
even if you may have forgotten how to do your magic.

I desire to spark rememberamce of who you are and how to activate your super powers, and then inspire you use your practical magic to Shapeshift your life, from the inside-out.

This is why I’ve decided to offer a free virtual workshop, sharing with you practical ways to implement these esoteric teachings I share every day.

If you would like to attend, PM ME and I will get you the link to sign up for the workshop as soon as it’s ready.

~ Chandra Nicole

How about the fact that I just post random pictures of things that I love, which have nothing to do with the words I just shared 😝

Coffee = Magic

There, now it makes perfect sense 😉