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Hey! I’m Chandra Nicole

I know you’re a busy person in a world full of noise, so here's a quick rundown on me & what you'll find here:

✧ I’m a writer, mentor, speaker & entrepreneur 

✧ I value freedom & authentic living above all else

I'm a multi-passionate, wild-hearted woman who never really felt like she fit into this world

✧ I left my midwestern hometown a decade ago and have since lived a nomadic lifestyle in California, Hawaii, Colorado & Bali, where I currently reside - I think I might want a permanent home again, someday soon

I have a 22-year-old daughter, named M, who I had at a very young age and basically grew up with -  I consider her my best friend & sister. We've been called #tandemsouls

I was a hairstylist for 13 years before I set out on my gypsy adventures; it was during these years, as I spoke with the women who sat in my chair, that I discovered I’m a life coach at heart. I’ve been mentoring others as my primary source of income ever since I ended that chapter of my life in 2012

I deeply love entrepreneurship and supporting other multi-passionate, wild-hearted women as they incubate, birth & raise business babies in their own unique, feminine way - a sort of ‘business midwife’, if you will

I’m a very out-of-the-box deep thinker and it brings me great joy to share what’s going on in my mind as I traverse universes of possibility. I have a knack for translating my findings into digestible, pragmatic ideas for life. My daughter recently called me ‘the Metaphor Queen” Lol

 Some of my other passions are personal development, magic, vegan food, coffee, wine, music, laughing, reading & deep-diving into other things I might like to be passionate about

Paradoxical to my multi-passionate nature, I'm a minimalist in a lot of ways; quality over quantity is very important to me

I fancy myself a bit of an idea factory; I have an empire worth of ideas continually flowing through me... this web home serves as the hub of my creative world

If any of this speaks to you please do continue on to explore my blog, learn more about what I do & connect... I'm grateful to have you in my world


How I began in the online world & why I decided to start this blog;

an unintentional lesson in authentic self-expression & intuitive business 


Prose about the pains of attempting to fit into a life that's not yours;

a cautionary tale about the importance of boldly living your truth


I'm bringing back an old love affair after a many-year hiatus; Music! 

Do you have a love you've abandoned?


You did the growing, the cooking, now it is time for the fun part - an Instagram worthy plate!


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Let's Make Magic Together

To create an empire you love on every level is something only you can choose for yourself, however you don't have to do it alone

It's a brave act to follow your heart & breathe life into your dreams...

one of the most loving & courageous things you can do is give yourself the gift of world-class support as you journey this road less traveled

Supporting my clients in this capacity is what I've devoted myself to since 2012. There's not much I love more than nurturing the feminine heart's desires... it's pure magic

There's a lot to explore, let's get started!

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Time and time again, Chandra has inspired tools & creative solutions

Dedicated to her work and ideas, she has helped me move through problems with ease & call upon new possibilities

I would recommend her mentoring to all who feel like there's something missing in their life

She will help you find your magic again

- Liv McRein